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An initial meeting is held at your home or commercial premises to talk about your expectations from us. This process allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs. We analyse the colours and patterns you are inclined to choose in order to determine your specific style. We should enable you to have a connection with your surroundings through furniture, textures and colours.

Design Consultation

Based on the initial consultation, we prepare a detailed proposal clearly outlining the scope of services to be performed. Detailed questions regarding your needs and the cost associated with your requirements are discussed. Then depending on the agreed remit and goals, different types of fees for the design process are explained.

Initial Proposal

Space planning is an often underestimated but an invaluable part of a transformation to maximise and optimise efficiency. After a detailed measurement of the site is taken and the existing condition of the site is evaluated, a space plan is proposed. We explore the function of the space to address your needs.

Space Planning

We will produce unique and exciting designs to transform your home or business. Based on property’s architecture and location various design elements will be explored with photos, concept sketches, mood boards, design journal shots and samples of finishes to help you refine your brief and visualise our proposed design. 

Concept Design


We work with various clients with a wide range of budgets and based on the materials and design ideas proposed a preliminary budget is prepared. The furnishings are selected depending on their quality and value for money. With your approval purchase orders are created and placed with suppliers.

Budget Management

We have established a wide network of contractors, which we will recommend based on the project. We are very adept at managing projects efficiently, anticipating problems throughout our onsite visits during construction in order to maintain the quality levels.

Project Management

We will follow up and oversee all orders ensuring lead times and deliveries run smoothly within the agreed timeline. We will supervise actual furniture placement and installations to make sure it is in the allocated locations. Our attention to detail guarantees a seamless hand-over to our clients.


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