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She was born in Istanbul in 1968. As she was attending Istanbul Kız Lisesi, she also finished cello, solfeggio, harmony, and singing opera departments of Istanbul State Conservatoire.

She graduated from the Interior Design Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University in 1990. She had the opportunity to practice with the leading Architect Abdurrahman HANCI. After school, she got married with Architect Hakan KIRAN and appended her signature to interior designs of many office, residence, hotel, cafe, and show center facilities together with their commonly established company.

Tülin Kıran has three children.

“Everyone has personal taste, favorites, likes, and the desire to use objects seen as fashion, - the “sine qua non” of a human being for every condition.

As an interior architect, I believe that apart from specifying functions and technical infrastructures for a space, it is also crucial to shape these existing volumes and the depth with the aim of adding beauty and magnificence just as if “composing a brand-new melody”. In order to achieve this, I re-shape the spaces with the elements personally chosen and designed by myself while also synthesizing with the taste in hand..

Thus, a space directed to right synthesis has always a unique style and is candidate for becoming “fashion”. 

Tülin Kıran
Founder & Interior Designer
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